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Monday, April 23, 2012

STOP cruelty towards animals !

 Assalammualaikum and good evening people..

What is your first impression when you look at this picture?
Do you ever notice that this is happening?

Yes.This happened in China. They eat everything include your PET !
By looking at the dog face i knew they cut him alive.
I can feel the suffered he felt.
Why would human being so cruel to the animals?
Is it because they can't speak for their right?
Or is it because they can't fight to protect from being hurt??

Dogs and cats are not meant to be eaten.
They should be cared and loved.
As human we are born with empathy..
We are born with feelings . We have brain to think what is right what is wrong.
God made us to lead the world for every living things' good sake !
Not just for ours but for animals too..

This is just not the right way.

Every religious, I believe they taught their follower to love the animals
even in my religion, ISLAM taught us to love animals so much
Yes, we eat animals for meat. But we don't hurt or suffered them to death.
we use sharp knife because it is the fastest way to reduce the pain of the Qurban's animals.
Qurban's animals which include sheep,goat,cow, and those that are allow to be eaten.

ISLAM only allow us to Qurban animals that satisfy a few condition according to its age,
We don't eat animals that are meant to be our companion..

I believe your religious taught you the same 
there are reasons for every do and don't rules
Moreover Islam's method is not only humane but also scientifically the best.

No matter what we MUST STOP being cruel to animals
They have feelings too.
They are alive and have the same heart beat as ours !!
They don't ask to be born as animals, 
God has meant them to be so..
Human DON'T deserve to hurt them .

spread the LOVE and STOP ANIMALS ABUSE !