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Thursday, September 27, 2012

rule#1 for photography : check the level of horizon

halo . today i'm gonna share about my latest hobby.

whats make a photograph look nicer? yup editing !

that is what i'm gonna show you the magic of editing . tadaa~

im gonna show you what magic that an editing can caused. here we go~

this photo was taken by one of my friend. we went on field trip at balik pulau (penang) and stop by at a kampung to look around. the problem with this photo is that the horizon(kaki langit) was at the center. 

when i was in form 3 i remembered that my art teacher used to said that when you want to paint a portrait of  a scenery the horizon should be upper/lower but not in the middle. if not the portrait do not look alive. nmpk mcm mati gittew~

the same principle used while taking photograph.
i've edited this photo. i cut out large part of  the bare road, sharpen the photo and put some words thus,
 this how it looks like. 

people often say that they are bad in taking pictures/photograph. what they actually not realized that by editing.. a photograph can looks like a real world.

may this post useful to those beginner photographer like me :)

Thank you for reading my entry !

Monday, September 24, 2012

poops and me. oh life ~

here i am back in USM. busy pretending rajin belajo. sedangkan hampeh setiap malam layan aneme. oh so budak2. indeed i am ! im still budak2 so next year raya makcik pakcik dun forget my duit raya. i know you never let me down you olls just the best!! duit raya next year up la seket eh eh eh..#sambil buat muka mintak penampar

i am officially a third year student. why am i feeling so old? -.-

i have received my final year project's (fyp) title today.. it's about palynology of mangrove plants bla bla bla.. it is a bio-thing that people never know or care about. ya ya ya~

since my family had adopted a cat which actually a small-cute-kitten but tetiba have changed into a fat-grown-up cat which really likes to tidoq,tidoq,tidoq,makan,buang air n tidoq mom had became a busy 'grandmother' (since my sis claim that si omey is her son -.- ) peliks kan? busy feeding si kucing makan playing with him then dodoi dia tidor and siap nyanyi2 lagi.. maybe my sis should kawen awai2 n deliver baby cepat2 so my mom would stop treating our cat like her grandson. -.-

cats are one of the smartest animals on earth coz my cat only pooping in his bekas tandas which we put some pasir so he can korek2 and poop there dgn bahagianya tanpa ada org ganggu and he never ever went around the house or neighborhood pooping around and pissed people off. yupp my cat is so-cute-and-baekkk ! just like me. tehee. *senyum nampak gigi 

even when every time i balik rumah this would happened..

i still sayang my mom and my little brat cat. grrr.. kadang-kadang i even pukul bontot dia sebab G E R A M. -.-'

cats are cute. keep on loving them and never ever afraid to adopt one. 

#p/s - their poops are non-poisonous and no one ever died because of it. believe me ~

thanks for reading my entry !