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Monday, November 30, 2015

Tabur East, Selangor

Have you ever heard of Tabur Hill or Bukit Tabur?
Tabur is one of the famous hill in Selangor. It is situated at Melawati. You can reach Tabur through your own transport or by using public transport, Rapid KL. 
You can take LRT and stop at Sri Rampai station or Taman Melawati and take U20/U21 Rapid buses. 
Then u can stop one station ahead of masjid hijau. 
There you just have to walk 5 minute and the you will reach entrance of Bukit tabur.

We just reach tabur and was walking to the entrance.

Tabur East is one of the hardest tabur..i think.. You have to climb up the hill and some part of the clive u have to use rope which already provided and it was definitely very dangerous. Cut your nail and wear hand glove if you afraid of getting injured.

So i've reached the peak of tabur hill but there were actually a few fake peak so you have to walk until the end of the hill where there's no more path. Then you will reach the plate stated that you've reached the peak. Yahoo!

The day we went hiking tabur east the weather is badly affected with haze. So there's no view to see. But still we can see Empangan Klang view and it was amazing :)

There's all together 5 tabur, East, West, Far East, Extreme and Extra.