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Monday, March 25, 2013

Photos of Landmarks Around The World During Earth Hour 2013


Bonjour people~

So apa y korang buat on 23rd Mac, dua hari lepas? Ada support Earth Hour? ada tutup lampu and electricity yang x digunakan? Kalau ada korang mmg HERO because only heroes save the world!
We should always support any activities yang dianjurkan untuk menyelamatkan bumi kita yang satu ni.
Satu jam utk kita sit back, relax and save energy in order to reduce climate change on Earth.

xnak cerita panjang2 for today post i just want to share pictures tempat2 famous kat seluruh dunia yang support Earth Hour. :D

Pictures shows landmarks around the world before and during Earth Hour.

Malaysia's KLCC Twin Towers

New Delhi's Indian Presidential Palace

Belarus' Belarusian National Library

Vienna's Hofburg Palace

Singapore's Marina Bay Sands

Hungary's Chain Bridge

Germany's Cologne Cathedral

Greece's Temple of Pantheon

Hong Kong's financial district

Belgrade's Cathedral of Saint Sava

China World Trade Center Tower III

The world largest LCD screen at a shopping mall in Beijing turned off for Earth Hour.

Paris' Eiffle Tower

Australia's Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House opwering down to a energy saving green light in honour of Earth Hour.

Sydney harbour bridge before and after Earth Hour.

Taiwan's Taipei 101

London's Big Ben

The ‘London Eye’ and London skyline

Brasilia's National Congress 

Hong Kong's HSBC building and Standard Charter Bank Building

Prague's Mostecka tower

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