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Monday, October 1, 2012

RM 5000 contest !

Practicing car pooling are a good example of saving.
Public transportation have changed human life become more convenience than  before.
even with car pooling people have to spent more money for their parking fee. 
BUT yet these kind of transportation pollute the environment.

Malaysia's Rapid public transportation has a better way of saving the atmosphere; 
by builds a train that give no smoke and eco-friendly.

so they are in a process of finding a great slogan for this malaysian-lover-to-be 
and the prize is RM 5,000 !!
better close your mouth. this is no joke man !

How to participate?

1# just go to this link here 
2# upload a picture and create a good caption 'i need MRT because..'

Simple doesn't it ? 


this is the picture i uploaded with caption : 
i need MRT because less pollution is the best solution

don't you think so? :D

do vote for me here :

thank you for reading my entry !

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