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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

today's hijab + selamat hari raya !


hye uolls.
since few sem ni bila dah start jadi senior my life become so lame n pale.
no more green skinny and red tshirt
what i wore to class was baju pimpin siswa that i get for free time first i enter USM. haha

so i just felt like i need to be me. the old me. put some more colors and mix n match with what eva there are in my closet. haiya the problem is i don't know where all my HARTA gone. ni sahih adek aku yang rembat ni =..=

*its just an excuse to have some shopping*

since tomorrow all the classes are cancelled, maybe i should go and top up my collection (y sgt seket tu)
 dengan my girlfriends merangkap my twinnsss .

okay its just me -.-

apa2 pon.. selamat hari raya aidiladha to u uolls
don't drink and drive ! bahayaaaa...
kalau mengantok stop R&R n drinks lah hot coffee . not fresh orange nanti sakit perut jenuh !
to kawan2 y balik dengan bas..semoga selamat sampai ke kampung halaman :D

thank you for reading this entry !

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Zatty Musyux said...

SUPRISE ! wahhh . menarik . jom join ^_^