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Sunday, September 26, 2010

my hobbies dulu kala maybe juga skunk

for this few days im quite busy with assignments 
one of it is for program usahawan
that involves the whole 1st year students
we hav to sell things
n i hav no idea what to sell
but yet we planned to sell painted tshirt
its not actually done painted
but sort of like they hav to make it themselves 
people juz hav to pay
n we will give them tshirt n fabric dye
so they can create n design their own tshirt
interesting isn't it?

so back to my story
i just want to share my previously hobbies
basically i'm an art student when i'm in secondary school
so i took art for my SPM
n eventually got A1 for pendidikan seni 
yeaayy !!!
haha(perasan pya bdk)

i really wish that i can continue my study in art
and working in art industry ..
but dunno why im lost in biology
i mean i really lost !
still pusing2 my head nie

this are few of my greatest art works..

this is a painting of my MRSM
juz copy from school magazine
this painting i've given away to eton
as a kenang2an present laa..

 here is my beg kesayangan dulu laa
i wore it to class
its actually my blOg name see..
really luv this beg
jenama converse n adidas tu i juz jahit 
so that it look more funky
n mahal laa konon2 

this both pictures is my design of school baju
but i lost it before
carik mana2 pown x jumpa
so this design cant be send to the mr.pres
utk buat baju
but..after few days like that i jumpa balik

am i talented?

so the ''pencipta'' of all the above is  ~

me ^^.

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