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Thursday, October 21, 2010

my opinion on POLYGAMY

to my honorable judges , teachers n friends..
apakah kes tetiba aku macam nak lawan pidato nieyh??

aku nak mengheboh2 kan assignment BI aku..
oke tpaksa aku mgeluarkan kamus oxford sebab i hav to talk of course in english an..
sila maaf kan jika menggunakan grammer y salah..sbb aku pakat cakap suka aty ja..
pakat tembak ja cakap tunggang langgang smpai kadang2 cikgu menggeleng2 kan kepala smbil menggaru2 kepala y x gatai tuhh..
adakah my english tat worse?? wuwuwu =..="

before i start talking nonsense again..which will appear in the middle of the story n make the whole story go crazy..i wanna go straight forward to the tittle of my speech ..
 we were given 3 questions based on 3 short stories in the LMT book.
since i'm so obsessed with the third question which made me felt like to tell everyone about my opinion..haha was about polygamy..isn't it the most interesting topic eva..?


of course there's no women on earth would accept polygamy..
hey don't b such a liar to admit u accept polygamy with full of your heart
people start talking about "payung emas" which they thought it is that easy to get just by accepting
their husband marry another women..
im not going against polygamy
men can marry as much women they want
(limit 4 ja oke)
they have the right to do so
and don't forget something that ISLAM do allowed polygamy
only for a man that can afford to have more than one wifes ..
which mean they can marry another woman after they married u !! erkk.. T_T
Allah SWT has already confirmed its validity as clearly stated in the Noble Quran
"marry of the women that please you two,three,or four; but if u fear that u will not able to deal justly with them, then u should only marry one" 
dont take me wrong ya.. it doest mean that i change my mind about giving chance for my will be husband to have a second wife.. oh
over my dead body !! (sgt kejam kah sy??)

here i am a girl that come from almost a broken family dad had another wife
so what? who cares?? in another word "ada aku kesah??"
but you know people cant stop talking about others
moreover things like 'she had a madu??amaigod really ar?? gossip2 faster..'
it cause a lot of pain to my mom.
people start talking about bad things..
hey my mom is perfect. no one can replace her.
she is my life.she is everything to me
i don't need another mother.
i use to hate him. a lot.
but i cant run from the fact. his my dad
no matter how much your parent hurt you
remember something they r your parent
they give birth of for u.n love u
their sins to Allah is their business with Him
love for them.
and don't ever hurt them even a little.
(sayunk mak abah muahx2) ^^.

back to polygamy issue
before u started thinking of having another wife
please lar.please get some time to think bout your children
why dont you think about their future?
(dah pandai buat anak sma2 la jaga)
have a lot of talk with your wife
having a good conversation can keep your marriage save.
people always make mistake that we and sometimes we don't notice it
dont give a stupid and non matured excuses like..
'owh my wife is fat,she is not sexy anymore. i need a new wife'
' wife just busy cooking,washing, feeding children. she know nothing than that.
i think i need a new wife'
'i think i dont love my wife anymore. i love that 'janda'. really wanna make that 'janda' as my new wife. that 'janda' very 'manja' oww..'
that is bullshit !!
dont accuse your wife for that 'remeh-temeh' things
faithful is what u need. and cares come along~

oke am i giving an opinion or what?? ehe..

kalo pmpuan pown ley polygamy kan syiokkk
kanan i kepit david achuletta kiri i kepit justin bieber
wooowww..i lyke !! HAHA ^___________^

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