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Monday, October 4, 2010

some tips utk begaya ++ mix n match..

memandang kan aku nie big fan of yuna..
i always wanted to dress up lyke her..
maybe with a guitar at a side..hmm
dah plan nak amik guitar lesson next month..or maybe ada sp2 y nak tutor i secara free??
 boleyh roger2 i oke..

so nak jadi cam yuna simple jew
yuna nie pakai baju y x susah nak dapat kat malaysia nie
of course la yuna kan malaysian

oke mari kira cost..
(nie cost waktu sale k)
jacket maybe around rm50, skinny RM55, bracelet RM2-5
jam RM40, sneakers RM120

hmm..x la mahal sgt kan..
it's oke to spent a little for ur look
as u can wear it again n again
maybe match it with different t-shirt or sneakers
variety your looks so every time people see u
they won't throw a boring look
at least

satu lagi my fav style of yuna
wear long t-shirt with jacket 
pakai p kuliah cam nie.. 
u just cant take people eyes off u

i don't hav my pic with tis style but goin to upload it later

try to take off ur shyness when u have to face alot of people
in my case
i used to like a guy.. ke'hensem'an die x payah tya laa..
sometimes its really hard to make a guy that u like..
at least
looking at u back..right??
mmg susah pown..hmmm
so it happened one day where i wear something that makes people ask me
are u bio student? u dont look like one..
aisehh..bangga plak..hehe
then i juz jalan g kuliah
suddenly i noticed that guy was staring at me
n i dont know why die nganga waktu tu..
haha.. naseb baek still looking cute even tough ngah nganga..

see its simple u juz hav to b brave enough 
no matter lahh nak p kuliah y seciput dekat tuhh
must at least wearing not too heavy but enough to make people noticed u

if u still feels uncomfortable to tetiba change ur style
n will make kengkawan u tegejut beruk ngan ur change..
u can change it a bit by a bit
maybe mula2 u can try wearing long t-shirt with cardigan
then u can try on skinny jeans or jeggings
than u can try flat or heels..
go gurls ! ask urself how old r u??
its tyme to make some move..
but yet remind ur self aurat mesti jaga jugak k..

or maybe u can try this outfits 

and u'll end up looking like


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Anonymous said...

dude....u shopping pakai heels, xsakit kaki ka??
tggi bkn men heels 2...he3...